cover image-A 5-Day Trip Around Rome for the Elderly Couple

A 5-Day Trip Around Rome for the Elderly Couple

Rome offers a picturesque view of the past preserved delicately throughout history. With Tours of the Roman Forum, Vatican & Colosseum Tour and Tours of the Trevi Fountain, you can witness history come alive.

Rome is an ideal destination to take in while walking. Traversing the cobblestone streets, travelling around Vatican City, ambling around the city’s iconic piazzas and walking right up to the Spanish steps or climbing the Palatine Hill might seem to be entertaining. But these activities are not fit for all age groups, especially the elderly. However, there are activities equally amazing for the senior tourists in the Eternal City.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once remarked, “Yes, I have finally arrived to this Capital of the World! I now see all the dreams of my youth coming to life… Only in Rome is it possible to understand Rome.”

A trip to Rome might sound a bit tiring for the aged, but it is no less welcoming to them, especially with Vatican Tour. So, if you are tired of searching the internet for a great tour of the Eternal City for your aging parents, then here’s a handy itinerary to soak in the best attractions of the city.

Day 1: Around the Eternal City at Sunset

There are two major airports in Rome – Fiumicino(FCO) and the smaller Ciampino(CIA). Check out our blog on Airport Hotels of Rome: Check in to the Best of Hotels to reserve a perfect room where you can rest awhile, shaking off the jet lag before you start your journey around the city.

Guided by one of the expert English-speaking guides, the Vatican Tour would offer you ample opportunities to explore the city in your own time.

Discover the bubbling Trevi fountain, reflect at the historicity of the Pantheon and take a stroll around the Piazza Navona while enjoying the Italian gelatos throughout the late afternoon, early evening, when the blistering heat has subdued.

Day 2: Enjoy Skip-the-Line Colosseum & Roman Forum Tours

The Colosseum is one of the most famous attractions of the Eternal City. Therefore, it is not unusual to find this place crowded all through the year. However, you can go for the All-in-One Tour Colosseum & Roman Forum to avoid wasting your precious hours on the tiring queues that snake around the venue.

You can reserve the second half of the day for touring the oldest food and flea markets of Rome and enjoying the best wines in the heart of the city.

Day 3: Skip the Line on your Vatican Tour

With around 5 million people visiting the Sistine Chapel alone, Vatican City is one such destination that you must visit in your lifetime. However, if you are concerned about the endless queues in front of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica, then book one of our premium packages to enjoy skip-the-line entrances facilitated by Vatican City Tours.

This ought to be a long stroll, which might get you a bit worn out. Therefore, don’t forget to space out your tours with adequate breaks and consume lots of fluids to avoid dehydration on the way. Twirling your forks into Cacio e Pepe, a classic pasta soused in cheese and sprinkled with black pepper, and swishing a mouthful of local wine will draw a perfect end to your day.

Day 4: Discover the Borghese Gallery

Much like the Vatican Museums, the Borghese Gallery is also home to exquisite and rare collections. Exhibiting a wide array of artistic and sculptural masterpieces by celebrated Italian artists like Caravaggio, Bernini, Raphael and Canova, exploring Villa Borghese in Rome promises you memories that are worth a lifetime.

Day 5: Shop and Dine

You can keep the last day for shopping and indulging in a hearty Italian breakfast, complete with a cup of the authentic cappuccino before you leave for the airport. Don’t forget to sip on your cappuccino before 11 am, traditionally, this favorite Italian drink is only consumed for breakfast. To find out more about Italian food habits check out our blog: Felice viaggio!