Keeping Foods Italian: Common Mistakes to Avoid!

Keeping Foods Italian: Common Mistakes to Avoid!

With the recurrent images of the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the immersive tours of the Vatican, Rome lures us time and again to delve into the rich culture and classicism that was once in vogue. The High Renaissance that entwines the Eternal City is one of the primary reasons, if not the only one, to opt for the private tours of Rome for families.

Wondering what else drives the tourists from all across the world to the heart of Italy?

Italian food, of course! “Mamma mia, sono deliziose!”

From pasta and pizza to lasagna and risotto, complete with sips of strong cappuccino, Italian foods have a strong presence in so many cultures around the globe. Nevertheless, soaking in the Italian flavors in a true Italian setting is simply “straordinario!”

Italian Foods, Our Way and their Way

Though Italian foods boast of global fame, their preparations and the ways in which they are enjoyed haven’t remained the same in any other country but Italy. So, if you really want to avoid an angry Italian scowl, go down this list to learn the proper way to enjoy the classic Italian drinks and delicacies:

Keep your Bread for the End of the Meal

When you sit down at a restaurant you’re probably starving and the first thing you want to do is reach for the bread basket. But if you start dipping your bread in olive oil you will likely get some curious frowns from the Italians. Locals save their bread for the end of the main course to do “la scarpetta.” This is when you use bread to wipe up all of the delicious sauce left-over on your plate. Rather than filling up on bread at the start of your meal, save it for the Italian method of licking your plate clean.

Don’t Break your Spaghetti

When cooking spaghetti, the first thing you probably do is break the spaghetti in half. However, if you are in Italy and break the spaghetti in the same way, keep in mind that you are also breaking Italian tradition. Therefore, think twice before doing it in Italy, simply because they hate it that way. Besides, none of the hotels or food joints in Italy serves spaghetti in that manner.

Save the Cappuccino for the Morning

Do you sip your cappuccino throughout the day and even at night? Then, prepare yourself for having having cappuccino in the morning. This is because the Italians regard the cappuccino strictly as a breakfast beverage. So, order all the cappuccino you want before 11 am, but make sure you sip espresso or café macchiato at any other time.

Not Everything should go on the Same Plate

You’ve probably been rice and pasta with your favorite meat dishes forever and you love it that way, making meals less of a hassle, but the Italians don’t! They divide a meal into two major courses:

  • Primo or the first course, where they have risotto or pasta.
  • Secondo or the second course, where they have meat or fish.

It is important to follow this structure to keep things Italian on the table.

The Italian foods have warped radically through the years and across the various regions of the world, where many of us are unaccustomed to authentic Italian cuisine. But, don’t worry we’ll teach you the SIGNATURE INGREDIENTS OF ITALIAN FOOD AND WHERE TO BUY THEM IN ROME.