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All-In-One Tour Colosseum - Roman Forum
Ancient Rome in 3hrs Guided Tour

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This walking experience through the Ancient City and Colosseum explores the heart of one of the greatest Empires the world has ever seen!

The ruins of the Roman Forum are best described as one of the most important outdoor museums and archaeological sites in the world. Once the centre of the Roman Empire it holds some of the best-known wonders of antiquity making it one of Rome's most visited tourist attractions.

With our knowledgeable and entertaining Rome tour guides you will escape the crowds of tourists to walk in the footsteps of Emperors. Let your imagination run wild while our expert guide makes sense of this sprawling archaeological site. Filled with ruined temples, Triumphant Arches, the house of the infamous Vestal Virgins, not to mention to the burial place of Emperor Julius Caesar, there is no place more valuable to have a tour guide in Rome.

We visit one of the 7 wonders of the world; 'The Colosseum'. This amazing giant of a building is one of the most impressive structures in city and has been standing in the centre of Rome for nearly 2000 years.

After touring the Colosseum from the outside we make sure to take you inside with intriguing explanations of the ancient amphitheatre, its trap doors and structural design, we will show you where brave contestants entered and where the deceased where carried out.

Once inside the Colosseum, we turn back the clocks and imagine a bloodthirsty crowd eagerly waiting to view Gladiator battles, competitions between slaves and prisoners, exotic animals and any other imaginable life form capable of fighting for its survival. From Romulus and Remus, to the height of the Roman Empire, our professional guides will bring you back in time revealing stories and facts that have made Rome the 'Caput Mundi'.

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Tour Fee Entrance Fee (*VIP) Total All Inc.
Adults: €30 €14 €44
Students: (+info) €25 €14 €39
Children 6-11 yrs: €10 €14 €24
Children till 6: €0 €0 €0
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  1. 15 person MAXIMUM Semi Private Tour of the Colosseum & Roman Forum
  2. Skip the Line Priority Entrance.
  3. Top Level English Speaking Tour Guide - Mother Tongue English
  4. Colosseum :

    Full explanation from the inside and outside of the Colosseum

  5. Roman Forum :

    Temple of the Vestal Virgins, Arch of Septimus Severus, House of the Senate, Arch of Titus, Burial site of Julius Caesar

Semi-Private. Maximum 15 people - Walking Tour

Jan 1st - March 26th :
Weekdays and Weekends - 1:15pm

March 27th - Oct 24th :
Weekdays and Weekends - 3:15pm

Oct 25th - Dec 31st:
Weekdays and Weekends - 1:15pm

Please Contact Us for other available dates.

2.5 - 3 hs

Near the Site. Full details and Map provided in Confirmation e-mail.

€14 per person - Payable on the day of the visit.

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