Tourist walking through rome alone

How to Avoid Tourist Crowds in Rome: A Useful Guide

Rome is one of the most delightful destinations in the world. The city attracts lovers of art and architecture. According to a survey conducted in 2005, Rome hosted 19.5 million global visitors. The city is jam-packed with legions of tourists all the year round leaving little room to explore the magnificent city in peace.

However, if you want to take in Rome in full, and at the same time, avoid the masses that flock to Rome day in and day out, we’ve got a handful of hacks. You can also reach Vatican Tours to enjoy the best family tours in Rome with surround tranquility.

Muse Over the Vatican Museum Taking your Time

The Vatican museum is the most popular spot in the Eternal City, entertaining around 6 million visitors annually; it is congested at all hours of the day, every day of the year. Being lost in a crowd of thousand can be a major turn off and mar one’s experience.

We suggest you book our Private Rome Night Tour, which we conduct on Fridays, from April to November. During this season, the Museum remains open till 11 pm with the last entrance at 9:30 pm. The later you go, the more you can have the museum to yourself. You can also opt for an early morning visit to the Vatican Museum, to enjoy a less rushed experience.

Contemplate the Grandeur of the Roman Colosseum without the Usual Hassle

If you plan your visit to Rome during the summer, the Colosseum is bound to be a part of it, but be prepared to get smelly and sweaty. However, you can dodge all that, and fully enjoy your trip if you hit the Colosseum right at the break of the dawn with Vatican & Colosseum Tour.

Cherish the Offbeat Places

There are thousands of unknown gems to discover in Rome which are just as delightful as the popular places of Rome, if not more so. Try visiting Trastevere, Quartiere Coppedè, Central Montemartini, and other such neighborhoods.

Delve into Day Trips a Bit Outside Rome

As the weather is moderate all year, you can simply opt out of the places that you have already been and plan a day tour to the places near Rome. 

Consider visiting Ostia Antica or Tivoli coupled with a tour of Villa d’Este.

Explore Some of the Scintillating, Concealed Churches

Rome is known as a spiritual destination, steeped in a complex cultural and spiritual history, churches are abundant in Rome. However, the most beautiful ones are those that are off the beaten path. These are introspective places where you can sit idle and watch how time passes by. 

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