Jewelry Shop in Rome

An Insider’s Guide to Jewelry Shopping in Rome

Rome is a traveler’s paradise. It is a haven for curious tourists seeking to be amazed by the stately Colosseum, the splendid Roman Forum, and the picturesque St Peter’s Basilica. Tourists and pilgrims inundate the Eternal City every year to partake in the culture of the city and soak in its historicity.

It is, therefore, only obvious that most travelers search for souvenirs they can take back to their loved ones to cherish the memories of the wonderful time they spent in Rome.

Jewelry is a common token for visitors travelling to Rome. This is because the jewelry-making traditions of the city go back centuries. With the best Vatican & Colosseum Tour, you can experience the thrill of an unusual trip to Rome’s best jewelry shops and market places. Here is an insider’s guide to jewelry shopping in Rome.


The store opened by two young architects in the city exhibits fine hand-made jewelry that reflects the architectural essence of Rome. For instance, avant-garde pieces like the gasometro bracelet (inspired by Ostiense’sgasometer) make heads turn. The fact that everything, from the wax mold to the final layer of gold polish, is crafted by hand is what is unique to CO.RO.


The brand has been at the forefront of jewelry culture and trendsetting, which has come to be a favorite with the international fashion world. The creative process for this highly refined jewelry is overseen by a designer and an architect, ensuring that their prized collections always impress buyers and window shoppers alike.


This is an excellent place for untraditional designs. Expect to find colorful and playful geometric designs that give you a sense of ease when it comes to sporting jewelry. Many of the designs are asymmetrical and belong more to a modern art museum than a jewelry shop. If your taste is not for common, run of the mill pieces, you are sure to fall in love with the designs on display at Perlei.

Di San Giacomo

Now, this is a jewelry store like no other. Here, the staff invite you to sit on a luscious velvet couch while they take your measurements for custom made leather sandals and shoes, which they then decorate and embellish with precious stones. Di San Giacomo has many exquisite pieces of jewelry, but is best known for their bejeweled sandals. The designer also makes bejeweled hair accessories, broaches and more.


One of the best-known Italian jewelry brands, this is a goldmine for traditional jewelry shopping. Set up in 1884, this store houses pieces that exude elegance and style effortlessly. From their Serpenti series to the trendy B Zero1 line, diamond necklaces to pearl necklaces, this brand is a treasure trove of the best of Italian jewelry.


Nothing is more therapeutic than street shopping and when it comes to jewelry, flea markets on the most beautiful streets in Rome are perfect getaways. One such blossoming jewelry store is Angeletti on Via Dei Condotti. Opened in 1940, this boutique owned by third-generation Angeletti sons, emphasizes craftsmanship and excellence when it comes to designing jewelry. It is the perfect place to shop for a great souvenir for your best friend or spouse.

So, the next time you save money with the best family tours in Rome, consider investing those savings into some excellent handcrafted pieces for relatives and friends. Don’t forget to treat yourself as well!