St Peter's Basilica and Square, Vatican City

10 Student Tips To Tour Around The Eternal City On A Budget

Rome is a dream destination for all, although, traveling to such a high-profile travel destination could prove to be an expensive affair if you are not careful. Especially students who love to explore the umpteen wonders of the city might feel intimidated by the financial aspect of the trip. But, do not worry Rome can be budget-friendly too, we have some neat tricks up our sleeves to help you enjoy the eternal city without worrying over the money.

Find a hostel or, a B&B for accommodation:

Be a little practical while choosing the accommodation. Why should you spend money on costly hotel rooms when you guys could easily save your precious Euros by staying in a hostel? That is the wisest move, you could also opt for B&Bs to save money, instead of staying in the center of the city try to move towards the interiors a bit. Rome is well connected so, getting to places won’t be a big issue.

Take advantage of offers and student prices:

While planning a Roma trip you would obviously be searching online to plan your Roma itinerary. While doing that look for special offers and tours which have student discounts and tickets available. Many tour operators don’t bother selling the student tickets as it is much easier to buy adult tickets for everyone. With Vatican Tour and Maximus Tours however, our tour of the Vatican Museums with a student discount offers great savings that could help you explore the iconic places while paying a lesser price.  With Vatican student tickets as opposed to adult tickets, you already save 9euro / ticket. With this small tip you can easily manage your budget and spend the money you save on something else. So, do avail these special offers and student rates before booking your activities and tours.

Don’t waste money on food or, water

For students on a budget, it would be wiser for you to stay away from the high-priced restaurants that charge an insane amount of money from tourists. Although not always easy to find, there are still plenty of very good cheap restaurants, pizzerias and other street foods in Rome to fill your belly. The fountains here are sources of really good quality water, so carry a reusable bottle and don’t waste money on packaged options. This will also help to save the planet so it’s a win win!

Carry your Student Card

When exploring the most beautiful streets in Rome, it is important to carry your student card with you in order to save. Now if you are wondering what kind of ID would work for you, generally most student cards are accepted if they come with a photo ID and a date of birth. If your student card doesn’t have a DOB written on it then it is also important to have a driver’s license or another form of government issued ID. If you have the chance, it is advised to get an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) as this card is accepted almost everywhere and will help you save money on not just tours and tickets, but sometimes also accommodation, food / drink and possibly transportation as well. You can also take advantage of the International Youth Travel Card, IYTC, to avail special discounts. However, make sure that you learn about the length of the validity of the cards to make sure it is right for you.

Check out the free sights

After having saved money with Vatican museum student tickets, you then need to check out sites that are iconic and absolutely free. Sites such as the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain and the many beautiful churches in Rome are all absolutely free to check out and each of the sites has a rich history behind them, so expect nothing but a wholesome experience without spending anything!

Walk your way around

Rome is a great city for walking around, in fact, walking tours are the most popular in Rome as the best sites can only be seen on foot. As students you should not bother about getting in a cab to go around, just take a good walk around the city streets and enjoy the views. In fact, you should also check out the beautiful neighborhoods that give you a clue to the Roman way of life and a unique view of Rome. You will experience how the eternal city has embraced a modern way of life while staying rooted in its rich traditions. If you have mobility issues then public transport in Italy is very reasonably prices. The cost of a one-way journey on the metro (subway) or busses cost just €1.50. A 24 hour unlimited pass is only €7 which is very inexpensive compared to other major European cities.

Go for bicycle tours:

Bicycle trips promise pure fun and you would be saving money in the city while having oodles of fun with your friends. Just rent bicycles and off you go exploring the city without being rushed by anybody and having some great thrill while you are at it. You would be saving money and have a great adventure in Roma that will linger in your memory forever.

Shop vintage or in the street markets

How can you be in Rome and not feel tempted to shop? It is out of the question. But, shopping from high-end stores can take a big chunk out of your budget, so, head to the vintage stores where you can find really good merchandise at a really cheap price and can find accessories, clothing, and whatnot. Like most of Italy, the ‘bancarelle’ (aka street markets) are a great place to find clothing, footwear, or pretty much anything else you can imagine at unbeatable prices. There are many markets scattered all over the city so if you see one take a stroll through. The quality of the items may not be top notch but for the low price we are sure you will get your monies worth.

Explore the food markets to get fresh food at a cheap price

If you are staying at an apartment then you should also have the luxury of a kitchen which will allow you to save money by cooking at home. In this case you can also save money on food by shopping at the open air food markets. Here you can get fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, meats, great cheeses and salami at often cheap prices. Now you can make your own sandwich at home and have a picnic in the city as opposed to sitting down at a restaurant. Remember however that food markets in the very center of Rome, such as the market in ‘Campo dei Fiori’, cater to tourists, so, it is best to search out other markets who cater to locals.

Rome is a great place to visit, even on a budget so get ready to have tons of fun on your Rome trip, you are at a great juncture of life where you can enjoy your freedom before professional responsibilities take over. Go explore beautiful streets in Rome with friends and follow the tips to save your money while having a grand time in Rome.