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During high season and holidays where necessary VIP entrance (skip the line) will be used. These tickets are booked in advance and are non-refundable as stated by the Vatican. The Vatican charge E4 per person on top of the standard ticket prices for the reserved entrance. Sometimes with the reserved entrance on extremely busy days there may also be a short wait for this entrance, maybe 15 minutes which unlike the regular line can be 2hours waiting time. Adults tickets are E21 - Student tickets E12 (Click here for more info )

Please Note: The actual ticket will show only the ticket price eg: adults E17 - Students E8.
The extra €4 per person charged by the Vatican to use the reserved VIP entrance WILL NOT feature on the ticket itself.

For Private Tours in the morning VIP Reserved Entrance is compulsory.!

Do we have to wait in line at the Vatican if we do a tour?

The lines are due to security checkpoints located at the entrance to both the museums and St. Peter's Basilica. Your guide will be able to purchase your tickets from the group ticket counter available only to tour guides. This enables you to avoid having to wait in a second line for tickets. We also use the Tour guides exit from the Sistine Chapel to reach St. Peter's Basilica bypassing the security checkpoint at the Church. (Usually open 6 days a week except when masses/celebrations are being held in the Basilica, we cannot be held responsible in the event that this exit is closed)

How Do I pay the Entrance Fees ?

For group tours Entrance Fees should be paid directly to the tour guide at time of tour. Entrance fees need to be in cash (Euros only). We DON'T charge any commission for this service, you will pay exactly whatever the Vatican or Colosseum charge us. Please bring change. Thank you!

Student discounts at the Vatican & Colosseum

To get a Student discount at the Vatican Museums you need to be under 26yrs of age and have a Valid Student ID from your place of study with birth date and photo proof at time of tour. It doesn't have to be a European ID but anything that proves that you attend a College or University. If your ID doesn't have a photo or your date of birth you will also need a passport or a driving license along with the Student card. For High school students (16 and under) a passport is usually fine if accompanied by a parent or adult.

ATTENTION: Students 18 - 26yrs MUST have Valid Student ID at the time of tour. VIP Tickets are purchased in advance, without student ID tickets proof will be invalid. A NEW FULL PRICED TICKET will need to be purchased in accordance to the rules of the Vatican.


European Union Citizens aged 18 to 26 years will be asked to pay the reduced entrance fee of €9.50. A valid student card and EU ID must be provided on the day of the tour to the Coliseum ticket office.


CHILDREN at the Vatican. Any proof of age/identity with photo is needed, Passport, Id, etc.. (Photocopies are OK) more. Or Ticket will be cancelled and NEW FULL PRICED TICKET will need to be purchased in accordance to the Vatican rules.

CHILDREN at the Colosseum. Children under the age of 18 years will be granted the reduced entrance fee of €2.


Soon after payment is completed you will receive an automated Booking Confirmation e-mail (e-ticket). with your Meeting Point, Map & and all relevant information you need for your tour. This normally takes between 1 to 5 minutes. (As the E-Mail contains a map as an attachment PLEASE CHECK YOUR BULK / SPAM FOLDER!!!) If you are making a very last minute booking and you didn't receive your E-TICKET please contact us if possible by phone. We highly recommend that you print your E-ticket but you DON'T HAVE TO PRINT IT. You can show up just with the E-Ticket number, the tour guide will have already all your details. If the E-Ticket is not received within 6hrs please contact us and we will re-send the information manually. If confirmation is needed before 24hrs for tours the same day and for last minute bookings you can request the E-Ticket to be sent manually if the information hasn't been received automatically.

Are tour itineraries subject to change and how does that affect us?

In the case of the Vatican, while the museums follow a strict schedule, St. Peter's Basilica may sometimes be closed to tour groups If a mass is taking place. We do our best to keep up to date with any celebrations and while most are listed on the Papal Calendar the Vatican may sometimes schedule celebrations in the Basilica without prior warning, This is their right do to do so and we respect the fact that St. Peter's is a Church not just a tourist site.

Is the whole Basilica included on the Semi-Private Highlight Tour?

Yes, we will take you to St. Peter's Basilica, and you will be able to skip the long line of St. Peter's Basilica as well. We will NOT finish the tour at the Vatican Museum or the Sistine Chapel. Due to the amount of touring time needed to cover the most important areas of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel and the need to include new areas to cover important sites such as the Raphael rooms to include the whole Basilica as part of the tour would take around 4 - 4.5hrs. Due to the amount of walking through the Museums we have found that this is too much for most people with 3hours being the most popular choice. As the entrance fee is paid for the Museums and the Sistine Chapel we aim to get the most out of this area as the Basilica can be visited for free at any time. At the end of the tour the guide will explain what is important to see inside the Basilica such as works by Bernini and Michelangelo at the entrance overlooking the Square and they will also include an explanation of the Piazza, the Swiss Guards, the Papal Palace etc.. YOU ARE THEN FREE TO SPEND AS MUCH TIME INSIDE THE BASILICA AS YOU WISH, which we find is a more relaxed way to visit the Church and we have found while some people will spend 10 minutes, some will spend 2 hours and it is nice to have that choice.

Do some sites have a dress code?

All religious sites especially the Vatican have a strict dress code for men and women. Modest dress is required and includes no shorts, no bare shoulders and skirts/dresses must be below knee level.

Will we have to use headsets?

Some sites like the Vatican have made the use of headsets in some areas obligatory. Where headsets are needed no extra charge will be incurred and we choose only the best sound system for a more enjoyable experience. As this is a service which we personally pay for we ask that all clients respect the fact that we are responsible for any lost or missing radios. You will be billed personally for any radio not given back to the guide at the end of the tour.

Where do we meet the guide?

Once you have booked your tour you will receive an e-mail confirmation containing all relevant details and a map to show you exactly where your guide will be waiting along with the time and directions to the site.

Do we need to pre book the tour or can we just turn up?

Yes, you will need to pre book the tour. As we are committed to small groups and in some cases when we feel the use of headsets are necessary we need to know beforehand the group total.

Are all sites and tours Wheelchair Friendly?

Unfortunately wheelchair access to some sites is limited. All our Group tours are classed as walking tours so please contact us personally if anybody in your party has a walking disability or uses a wheelchair as some tours may only be available as a private tour. We're happy to provide further information.

Which Items cannot be taken through security at the Vatican?

General Items which are strictly forbidden include pocket knives/pen knives, large backpacks, Tripods and large sized Umbrellas. As you must pass through security to enter the Vatican if you are carrying any of the mentioned items you will either be refused entry or be required to check in your bag. Having to Check in your bag can prove to be a big inconvenience and may result in you missing part of your tour.

Is Rome a safe city?

Rome is generally a safe city but unfortunately pickpockets are rife. Take care with bags and wallets particularly when using public transport. Ie: Metro, buses and in busy areas. Being aware is always a good prevention.

Cancellation Policy:

There is a penalty if the tour is canceled 72 hours or more before the departure time of 30% (Reservation Fees). Less than 72 hours before departure, the following rules apply:

Vatican Tours:

Cancellations less than 72hrs are non-refundable as VIP entrance tickets are purchased in advance and are non-refundable by the Vatican.

Other Tours:

Cancellation 48 hours ahead of departure will incur a penalty equal to 50% of the total tour cost. Cancellations 24hrs or less before any scheduled tour or failure to show will be subject to a 100% charge of the tour cost.

Privacy Policy:

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Rome Useful Information:

REMEMBER, you can use coins in most public phones in Rome.
Keep our phone number handy so you can contact us if you're having trouble finding the meeting point.


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Aeroporto Ciampino (Via Appia Nuova. 06/794941).


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