Visiting Rome With Children: Sites To See And Things To Do

Visiting Rome With Children: Sites To See And Things To Do

Simply travelling with children is always an experience in itself, primarily because handling children, their tantrums, and their moods on a tour can be difficult work. While parents know how their children behave in various situations and settings, one can never be too well prepared for a trip, especially to a city as complex as Rome. Here is a list of things to do and sights to see in Rome keeping in mind junior travellers and their needs.

To begin with, for children, a visit to the Colosseum will be an experience difficult to forget. Though climbing to the top floors and then the underground chambers is a little arduous, the breath taking magnificence of the ancient amphitheatre will surely instil a sense of awe and wonderment in both adults and children alike.

Hiring a guide is a good idea as they can share exciting gladiator stories that will enliven your experience of the Colosseum. Be sure to bring walking shoes and summer caps! Tours of the Colosseum can be a little taxing but a rewarding experience all in all.

In tandem with the Colosseum, one can spend time at the Roman Forum and learn about the life of the ancient Romans. From there, head to the Palatine Hill which has a breath-taking view of the cityscape, which both children and adults will surely enjoy. The historically rich Hills will hold fascination for adults though children might get a little bored.

Next on your itinerary, you can schedule a visit to the Trevi Fountain, which children are sure to enjoy. Legend has it, throwing a coin into the waters of the fountain – using your right hand and throwing over your left shoulder – guarantees you will one day return to the Eternal City. The clear blue waters and the grandeur of the sculptures offer a spectacular setting for photos. It is always a delightful, though crowded, experience for young and old alike. That being said, due to new security measures, access to the fountain has been somewhat limited. Nowadays only children are allowed to go right up to the water’s edge – making the experience, and the photos, extra special for your young travellers.

There are numerous options for lunch. Eat out at the famous and bustling Campo de Fiori marketplace. Or, sign up for a pasta cooking class with top chefs and learn how to prepare traditional pasta dishes. What you prepare is what you eat. The pasta cooking class is a fun-filled experience.

Don’t miss a quick visit to the awe-inspiring Pantheon or to the inevitable St Peter’s Basilica. You can climb right up to the top of the dome of St Peter’s Basilica for a breath-taking view of St Peter’s Square. The church is very crowded on most days so, although the climb would be an exciting experience for children it should be said that the long lines to get in could be a hassle.

Stepping away from Rome, a great day trip with children is a drive down to Pompeii, a UNESCO world heritage site. Admire the beatific Amalfi Coast on your way to and from the ruins of this famous ancient city, and then head to lunch in the small fishing village of Positano. While there are many ways to enjoy the Eternal City, for the best Vatican city tours, a little research and planning is a good idea, especially when travelling with children. So grab your children and pack your bags for a wonderful trip to the seat of history itself: Rome.