woman holding a camera with a view of the Vatican

Top 10 Tips for an Awesome Photographic Experience in Rome

Rome, the land of fresco paintings, angels and demons, imperial architecture and ancient sites is the perfect backdrop for capturing Instagram worthy. One of the best ways to see them all is during our Rome evening tour, AKALa Dolce Vita Tour.

Whether you are a professional photographer or, a tourist eager to savor the essence of Roma through a lens, the following 10 photography tips are bound to come in handy while taking memorable shots of the eternal city.

1. Always have a plan and be prepared

It is really hard not to feel tempted to click photos as you roam around beautiful streets in Rome. The views are stunning, but, if you are going to take awesome shots then plan ahead as there is soo lunch to experience.

List out all the hotspots you would be visiting along with iconic monuments.  Planning would take chaos out of the process and save you a lot of time in the long run.

First of all, the Vatican &Colosseum Tours are a must for any visitor and your camera will not be able to resist snapping away the whole time.

Special Offers on Tours of the Pantheon are not hard to find, so, put it on your list too, along with BoccadellaVerità, Circus Maximus, The Castel of Angels, St. Peter’s Basilica, Piazza Navona,Trevi Fountainand Palatine Hill should all be on your list as well.

2. Get the right tools

Although always possible when visit Italy you can’t always expect to take great shots, without a good camera. A decent DSLR would be great, along with right accessories. However, do not burden your bag with a heavy tripod or other large accessories, as most sites will not all you to enter with them.

It is not necessary to invest in an expensive camera, you can always rely on your iPhone or, android phone camera to capture great shots, just download some good apps to add stunning effects.

3. Pick the right time for taking photos

Unless you are planning to visit before the Covid-19 pandemic comes to a end, you can rest assured that all the hotspots you have shortlisted will most likely be very busy with visitors, so, getting a good shot without someone’s head or hand being in it may be impossible.

Try reaching the spot just after sunrise before the crowd starts pouring in to get a clear view, or, you could try after it’s dark when Rome’s unique yellow street lights light up the smooth cobble stoned streets.

4. Be aware of the rules

There are certain rules, which you need to know and follow before taking that camera out.

  • Inside most museums and churches using flash is prohibited, so, read the signs before entering.
  • Planning on taking a selfie with your group? Please keep in mind that while in most museums, churches and sitesselfiesticks and even tripods are not allowed.
  • In the Sistine Chapel, you are not allowed to click a picture or shoot a video. In fact, your camera should not ever be out of your bag while in the Sistine Chapel. However, during the rest of your Vatican museum tour, you can take photos, without a flash.

5. Go for night shoots

You might not think it is a good idea considering how images look in bright natural light, but, Rome has some amazing sites which should be best captured at night.Trevi fountain is one of those sites where you should go during the night, the interplay of light and shadows creates a stunning background.

The absence of tourists would be a big plus too.

6. Finding the right sunlight

It might sound baffling, but, it’s pretty simple.

The ancient sculptures, grand palaces, museums, churches, no matter which one you pick as the subject of your photography, would look better in the soft glow of the sun.

If you are planning a mid-day shoot then you can expect to get brighter images but, the glaring sunlight won’t lend the same appeal.

But, consider shooting during sunrise or, at sunset when the sun imparts a soft light that adds a magical touch to the whole setting.

7. Find the right angle

If you want breathtaking images then make sure you try out different angles.

Capture the majestic architectural wonders in a wide-angle shot.  When you click image after image of the Colosseum, try getting a low angle shot, it would add a certain perspective to the image.

A shot capturing the Roman Forum from a high vantage point is going to stand out among those taken up-close.

8. Explore to find ideas

While you look for Vatican tours online, start checking out images of Rome as well. This would give you a clear idea about the subjects of your photographs, look for images that stand out to you among hundreds of them. Check out the lighting, angle and also unique ideas that peek from these images.

9. Keep the weather in mind

While capturing images it would be best if you could also keep the weather element in the background. During winter the image of the city wrapped up in fog would add a dramatic element to the whole setting. If it’s raining then get a post rain shot, the rain soaked cobbled street of Rome would lend a romantic appeal to your photos and are especially beautiful when wet as they offer a great reflection of the surrounding area. So if rain is on the forecast, you should pack a raincoat and hit the streets.

10. Don’t forget to capture city life

Just because you are in a historic city surrounded by ruins that does not mean, you would only shoot relics of the past.

No, don’t do that, Rome has moved on and it has a vibrant life that is breathing in every corner of the city adding its own color to the cityscape. Capture those moments too, these would add a different angle.

The ancient city is full of grandeur and mystery; let your eyes and heart roam around its corners to capture memories that would linger forever.