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Soak in the Roman Ambience While You Eat! A Handbook of the City’s Outdoor Eateries

Rome is known for its historical monuments and its renowned artists and their grand artworks. Thousands of tourists flock to the Eternal City every year for a tour of Vatican City and St Peter’s Basilica, having signed up for the best Vatican city tours available.

The city, to put it simply, is an enchanting world, an inviting place for both its visitors as well as its residents. Besides, with its amazing gastronomical delights, Rome is bound to make its place in the hearts of food lovers. And what better place to serve these than the outdoors, where you can soak in the Roman sun, and the great ambience of the bustling cityscape. Here is a list of outdoor eateries along some of the most beautiful streets in Rome.

Beverages with a view

You should try out the strong beverages, cooked meats and delicious pasta served at the Rosati, one of the oldest and most reputed restaurants in the city.

The bar, which was built in 1922, in one of Rome’s most popular town squares, the Piazza del Popolo, is a must-visit. You can occupy an outdoor table, order a meal and marvel at the 17th-century churches and the Porta del Popolo, all of which are a stone’s throw away.

Dining at the beach

The La Baia is one of Rome’s classiest beach restaurants, which gives you the opportunity to dine on fresh seafood and sip on exotic wines.

Though it is open according to a specific seasonal cycle it is a prime destination for famished beachgoers who want a view of the seaside while dining. Sit in the shade of a wooden verandah and order some delicious pasta or a plate of fresh fish.

Street Eating

Trastevere, with its winding lanes and small churches sitting cheek to cheek with quaint bookstores and restaurants, is one of Rome’s most beautiful and scenic neighbourhoods.

To eat outdoors in Trastevere is truly a dream come true. You can go to the Trattoria da Teo, an authentic Italian ‘trattoria’. This restaurant serves giant plates of delicacies like ‘carciofi alla romana’, a dish of artichokes cooked in olive oil and garlic, the Roman way. You can get an outdoor table at the restaurant while on your best family tours in Rome. Just make a reservation on the phone before dropping by.

Rooftop dining

If you are one for luxury and fine dining, then the restaurant Il Gardinio is the place for you. Hotel Eden’s rooftop bar, the Il Gardinio is a luxurious destination to eat at and enjoy panoramic views of Rome.

From here you can admire the striking Il Vittoriano and the picturesque gardens of the Villa Borghese. Furthermore, Hotel Eden has an excellent high-end restaurant called La Terrazza.

Eating at a park

After ambling through Rome’s largest public park, the Villa Doria Pamphili–  large grounds with the ruins of the villa in the backdrop –  you can drop in at its only restaurant, the Vivi Bistrot Villa Doria Pamphili. The Vivi Bistrot, which has outlets at four other locations in the city, including one in Piazza Navona, offers an idyllic outdoor seating arrangement under the shade of large trees. They serve organic meals including fresh fruit, pancakes, and bagels with lox.

There are many more outdoor eateries in the city like the Tram Depot in Testaccio or the Dar Filettaro. From this list it is evident that residents and tourists love dining al fresco in Rome with the weather, hot or cold, springtime or autumn, setting the perfect ambience.

Along with dining outdoors, there are plenty of markets for shopping and bars to get your favourite drink and let the good times roll. So, book Vatican Tours now and don’t leave any room for regret!