Roman colosseum in Autumn

Rome in Autumn: What to Expect and More

It’s no secret that Rome looks magical in autumn. With mild temperatures, fewer crowds and an array of cultural events, fall is the best time to plan a trip to Rome. While the classical ruins and Renaissance architecture are bathed in dramatic crimson hues, the city’s gastronomic scene comes alive with myriad seasonal delicacies and enticing vegetables during this season. Read on to know why you should visit Rome in autumn (Mid-September to Mid-November):

Perfect Climate

Interested in Vatican & Colosseum Tour? Fall weather is perfect for sightseeing in Rome. Expect mild temperatures and clear blue skies. After days of scorching heat in August, the slight nip in the air is a breather. As October sets in, the weather turns fantastic with less humidity in the air. The mornings are cool and crisp while the evenings are blessed with glorious sunsets. The night-time chill adds to the atmosphere.

Falling Prices

If you are a budget traveller, head to Rome in autumn. The flight and accommodation prices are at their lowest. Considering fall as the shoulder season, several hotels offer ‘off-season’ discounts throughout the city. However, early reservation is always recommended.

Fall Festivals

Several festivals and cultural events take place in October and November around Italy. Food and music take centre stage. Sagra di Paese is one of them where rural communities come together to celebrate a weekend’s worth of events over rounds of laughter and plates of local delicacies prepared in different provincial ways. The ‘sagra’ is essentially an ingredient or a food item. Chestnuts, potatoes, grapes, truffles, asparagus, artichokes or bread are the most popular choices for sagra.

Roma Film Festival is another noteworthy event that is held every October at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. Encompassing red carpet premieres, master classes and screenings, this annual film festival features a few special events that even take place at other locations across the city.

Also, Italian National Holidays during autumn are All Saints Day (to be observed on 1st November) and Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception (to be observed on 8th December). Many services will remain closed on these two days. So, plan accordingly.

Local Autumnal Foods

Eating out is one of the greatest delights of visiting Rome. The locals take pride in their in-season ingredients that result in making some of the most delicious Italian dishes in the world. Interestingly, autumn is the harvest season when delectable vegetables flood the city markets.  From celebrated white truffles to cute sweet pumpkins to meaty porcini mushrooms, you will find a variety of enticing seasonal produce incorporated into staple Roman recipes, such as pastas, stews and risotto. Many restaurants include them in their special dishes too.

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