Rome at Night

Rome by Night: Top Activities to Enjoy after Sunset

After sunset, Rome reveals a different kind of beauty and magic. Soaked in muted, yellow lighting, the eternal city radiates an aura of romance and gaiety. The burnt orange buildings and ancient ruins glistening under sunlight, take on soft, velvety tones after dark. The city that looks so regal and monumental during day, feels more approachable and intimate by night.

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As evening sets in, locals of all ages step outdoors to socialize, enjoy and shake off work stress! Rome’s embracing culture, together with its great cuisine and nightlife open up several options for tourists to blend in with locals and enjoy the evening in native style.

Evening Entertainment

A great way to set a fun evening in motion is through aperitivo. This is a north Italian tradition much like ‘’happy hours’’ that is now quite popular in Rome. The aim is to stimulate appetite with a glass of wine, beer or cocktail accompanied by a platter of lip-smacking snacks, like meats, cheeses and bruschetta – Italian bread soaked in olive oil and garnished with tomatoes and garlic.

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For tourists, aperitivo is highly recommended, as they can feel local culture, people-watch and unwind after long hours of sightseeing. Below are some excellent places to experience aperitivo:

    • Freni E Frizioni: Located in Trastevere, this is one of the top aperitivo places to try in Rome. With outside as well as indoor seating arrangement, and a variety of tasty cocktails and pre-dinner bites, this place has become well-known among tourists and local groups alike.
    • Barberini Caffé: A fully local spot like this one is tough for visitors to find in a famous tourist city like Rome. The decor is pleasant but modest with local wines lining the walls. You’ll want to try the classics here: Martini on the rocks, campari spritzes and negronis. There’s also a gelato counter serving home-made icy delights!

  • Bar Necci dal 1924: Rustic, hip and with a hint of romantic, this stylish wine bar provides incredible aperitivo buffet and salumi.  Their menu is a mixture of international and traditional hits, and the à la carte salumi menu is also a great option.

The eternal city is full of stunning locations with mesmerizing views. Hence, if you’re longing for a terrific evening with delicious food, drinks and great panoramic views, you have ample choice.

Vatican and Colosseum tours in Rome are unmissable! Once you’ve soaked in the beauty, culture and history through these trips, head for a rooftop restaurant or bar – there are plenty nearby. Residenza Paolo VI near the Vatican captures stunning panorama of St. Peter’s Basilica. For absorbing views of the Colosseum, hit Hotel die Gladiator that is situated right beside the remains of the Gladiator School.

Night Happenings: Local and Popular

Rome has a really bright and lively nightlife! In the right places with great ambience, a simple appetizer always upgrades to late-night drinks, and before you realize you’ll be partying into the small hours!

A must-visit local restaurant for gourmet meals and incredible wine and beer is Oasi Della Birra. This oasis for beer lovers located in Piazza Testaccio has a maze of warm, comfy rooms and fantastic service.

The best area to feel the essence of authentic Roman life is Trastevere. This is also the heart of modern nightlife in Rome. All the pubs, bars, cafés and bistros here are tokens of Romanity! For an exclusive experience, head to Cioccolata e Vino and taste their unique cocktail shots served in chocolate cups capped with whipped cream!

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Music and culture admirers must make it to Alcazar Live and be a part of their live jam sessions where reputed artists around the world come and perform. These shows are usually followed by late night DJs, dance and endless tasty cocktails!

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy in Vicolo Cellini has become illustrious all over the world for bringing back the classic art of mixology! In a relaxed and chill ambience, you can watch skilled bartenders blending rare alcohol and churning out special drinks!

Rome Evening Tour: Essence of Eternal City

Evening is a great time to experience la dolce vita in Rome. An evening stroll around the city is packed with lively and sociable scenes. Breathtaking views of the Trevi fountain that are usually shared with tons of other tourists, become more unique and personal in the evening, whereas Piazza Navona and Spanish Steps let you feel the pulse of the city. These spots throb with energy, excitement and activity! Romans hang out here every evening to chat, mingle, enjoy gelatos or check out clothes at upscale boutiques. Natives call this scene the struscio, meaning ‘’the rub’’.

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You can immerse yourself fully in this vibrant Italian culture by opting for our Rome evening tour!