travellers in the outdoor courtyard of the the Vatican Museums

Check Out 5 And 1/2 Half Outdoor Activities to Have an Adventure in Rome

Rome is undeniably the city of palaces, sparkling fountains, magnificent relics of the past, great food, the list goes on. You spend your days in Roma site hopping, shopping, and eating your heart out, however, Roma is also a place to pursue cool outdoor activities to add that spark of adventure to your Roman holiday.

Your itinerary might be bursting at the seams, but, still, you can set aside a couple of hours or, a day entirely for doing some really fun stuff. If you love the adrenaline rush then you must try out the following list of fun activities we have compiled to give you that push. Check these out while looking for best family tours in Rome.

Rent a Vespa

Nothing gives you as much high as scooting through the most beautiful streets in Rome on a shiny Vespa, immersing yourself into the bustling city which is Roma. You can opt for a guided trip here which is a great way to cover a lot of the city in a short time, and if you are not a confident driver. Or if you are courageous enough, you could rent a scooter by yourself. Either way, the ride would be full of thrills. The best thing about having your own transport is that you can cover much more space in a shorter period of time. So if you do choose to rent a scooter while you are touring Rome, it would be a nice idea to plan stops which are further from your hotel, and better yet, sites which are not in the heart of the city, such as Appia Antica (the Appian Way) and the Catacombs of San Callixtus. Also, following the Ancient Roman walls and visiting the many different Ancient Roman gates into the city is an amazing experience and not accessible to everyone.

Go horseback riding

After doing the Vatican & Colosseum Tour, you may be ready to take a breather from the crowds and we think nothing is better than saddling up and trotting down the Appian Way on horseback. Most itineraries cover the Appian Way however there are different variations so you can choose what suits you best. Ideally, it would be good to have ridden previously however the horses of Antica Torre are very well trained and suitable even for beginners.

Go Paragliding

Paragliding is not meant for everyone but if you are a thrill seeker then an afternoon covering the beautiful Roman countryside could be the right choice for you. There is a list of service providers available, go through their offers and compare before you settle for the perfect one. Depending on the itinerary you choose, you could paraglide over the sea, country side, and even around medieval villages. You will have an instructor from start to finish so even if you are a beginner you will still be in good hands. Visiting the surrounding area of Rome from the skys is definitely an amazing experience and you can be sure to have the experience of a lifetime.

Go rafting on the Tiber

Although it may sound unbelievable, it is possible to raft down the legendary Tiber while experiencing the beauty of Rome from a much different point of view. Although the river is generally quite calm, there are some sets of rapids which will get the heart rate up. You are accompanied by a rafting guide of course, and are given the necessary safety gear to help you cruise with peace of mind. As you go rafting down the river you will get a different glimpse of the mysterious eternal city and this would definitely be an experience you would never forget. These tours are best done in the heat of the summer as it is a nice way to keep cool. Unless you are very unlucky, the likelihood of you entering the water is slim so there will be no need to return to your accomodation to get changed which makes it a fun and quick activity to throw into your day.

Hike on the outskirts of Rome

If you love to explore hiking trails and get yourself lost in the rugged beauty of nature while discovering some hidden gems then, you will be surprised to know that the area surrounding Rome has some great trails. A couple of the best trails are around Lago di Nemi (Nemi Lake). Although only about 40min from Rome on the train, its lush wild strawberries with the serene blue lake will calm you down as you take a glimpse into the ‘ Holy Path’ or, “Via Sacra”. You could also choose to go down a different path and explore Turano Valley which has an artificial lake surrounded with lush rolling hills. Although it is only around 1 hour away from Rome by car, it is not easily accessible with public transport so ideally you would need to hire a car. Last but not least, just outside of the city center and easily accessible by metro, bus or taxi is the ‘Bosco Sacro’ which is just off of the famous Appian Way.

Scooter sharing

Although not so much of an activity, as opposed to a means of transport. Rome is now full of different companies which offer scooter sharing. Simply download the app of your chosen scooter sharing company and hop on and off when you please. Although helmets are not usually provided with the scooter it would be a good idea to wear one so consider bringing a bicycle style helmet with you from home if you like this idea.  The bonus of scooter sharing is that you can drop it off wherever you want, granted it is within the limits of the city rental agreement. Another big bonus is the price, scooter sharing is very competitively priced running around 15cents a minute plus a 1euro unlock charge. The downside of scooter sharing is the limited distance you are allowed to travel, as they are generally restricted to the historical city center. And, they are limited so you may have to walk some distance to find an available scooter. Some of the big companies at the moment for scooter sharing are ‘Helbiz’, ‘Lime’ and ‘Bird’. We have added scooter sharing to our list because it is sure to give you an adrenaline rush.

Rome has many more surprises waiting for you to discover. Pursuing some outdoor activities would add more colors and adventure to your trip. The true beauty of Roma lies not only in its sculptures, art and architecture, it lies everywhere, it is your turn to explore.