Around the Ancient Monti Neighborhood

Around the Ancient Monti Neighborhood

“Every one soon or late comes round by Rome”.

The beautiful words of Robert Browning make Rome an essential visit for everyone. The ancient city is certainly gifted with a rich culture and an enviable collection of arts and antiques. However, amidst all the fascinating monuments, churches, piazzas, and other imperial glories, most of us often fail to enjoy enough of its shimmering neighborhoods.

Therefore, if you have already completed your rounds of Colosseum, Tours of the Roman Forum, Tours of the Trevi Fountain and the Vatican City toursbut you are eager to explore more of the Caput Mundi, better head to this charming neighborhood right away.

Monti, the Central District of Rome

Rome is made up of many fantastic districts: the festive Trastevere, the bizarre Quartiere Coppede, the picturesque Quartiere Garbatella, along with the native Jewish Quarters and many more, private tours of Rome for families can give you a comprehensive experience of the Eternal City. However, if you want to soak in the authenticity of the Roman rione(district in English), Monti is the place where you should start.

The neighborhood of Monti is the oldest of all the residential neighborhoods. It used to be a heavily populated slum steeped in infamy, but its central location was always highly prized. Being in close vicinity to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the key municipality of Rome, Monti quickly cleaned-up its act.

The District of Monti as it Stands Now

With the rapid growth of the tourist spots, delectable food joints, vibrant shops, and wine bars, Monti is not the same as it was before. Though this place lacks the urban ambiance of other residential neighborhoods, the ancient neighborhood of Monti promises you a deep look into the life and ways of the Romans, with a nascent bohemian vibe.

Among the countless sights in the vicinity, you can:

Visit the Trajan’s Market and Forum

Did you know that Trajan’s Market is the oldest example of a shopping mall?

Built between 100 and 113 A.D, Trajan’s market and Trajan’s Forum are some of the priceless ruins that you will find around the district. These buildings have been picturesquely preserved!

Thus, the centrally located Via dei Fori Imperiali, comprised of the Trajan’s Market and the Trajan’s Forum is a must-visit sight for all.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

Lying on the outskirts of Monti, you can visit the famous Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. Dating back to the times of Pope Celestine I (422-432), the church of Santa Maria Maggiore is one of the major Papal basilicas.

Along with a marble floor and a bell tower, the archaic church houses Biblical mosaics which date back to the 5th century and a collection of other mosaics from the Medieval era.

The Basilica of San Clemente, the Domus Aurea, Piazza della Madonna dei Monti and Old Suburra Wall on Via Tor de’ Conti are some other places that you can explore around Monti, all of which can be explored with our Vatican Tours.