A Roman Day! 24 hours roaming Rome

A Roman Day! 24 hours roaming Rome

“I could do some of the things I’ve always wanted to,” says Princess Anne in A Roman Holiday. And right she is: a day in Rome is a dream come true for many! From churches to restaurants, from the Colosseum to the local markets, Rome is a visitor’s paradise. However, it is not easy to roam about Rome in a single day unless prior planning is done. Here, we shall help you with a 24-hour guide to touring the Eternal City.

Begin the day early! This is the first thing that an ambitious traveller should aim for. The earlier the start, the more one can cover in a day. And first on your itinerary could be the magnificent and awe-inspiring Colosseum, one of the largest and grandest amphitheatres dating back to 80AD. Situated right in the middle of the city, the Colosseum is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Make sure you buy your tickets online to save time. Guided tours of the Colosseum are very instructive but maybe a bit ambitious if you want to fit all the highlights of the city in one day.

From there, head to the Palatine Hill (as this can be included in your entrance ticket to the Colosseum), it is a climb worth the effort for the view of the city from the top. The Palatine Hill provides a panoramic view of Rome in all its beauty: the Roman Forum, the Colosseum and even St Peter’s Basilica can be taken in from its peak. As an added bonus, the Hill is also home to ruins from Imperial Rome.

Next, amble through the town square designed by Michelangelo himself and past the imposing monument to Vittorio Emanuele II to get to the Trevi Fountain. At the fountain, do not forget to fling a coin into the waters (the coin should be thrown by one’s right hand over the left shoulder) to ensure you will return to the city someday.

You could then head to the Campo de Fiori for lunch, the bustling marketplace with everything from local fruits to wines to souvenirs. Try any one of Rome’s four famous pastas – carbonara, amatriciana, cacio e pepe and gricia – available at most every restaurant in the city.

Continuing on from the Campo, the Pantheon is an absolute must see if you come to the Eternal City! After that head to Saint Peter’s Square and enter the Vatican City. Here, for a fee, one can enter the church and climb right to the top for the unforgettable view of Saint Peter’s Square though there might be a big rush of visitors vying and jostling for space.

Sunset can be enjoyed and taken in at the top of the Spanish Steps, conveniently connected to all parts of the city via the nearby metro station. If you are looking to shop for a few souvenirs to take home, the Borghetto Flaminio Market would be a great stop if time permits and if it is a Sunday. The flea market can give you some really good bargains on branded clothing, shoes, purses and antiques.

A day in Rome can be a jam-packed one, full of sights to see and tastes to be had. So be sure to wear your walking shoes, carry a little loose cash and pack light so that your own Roman holiday may be successful and unforgettable. And remember for the best Vatican city tours, booking ahead is the best policy.