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A Handbook of the Best Painting Classes in Rome

Rome is synonymous with art. The city has been home to countless artists, painters and sculptors throughout history, whose works lend the Eternal City its identity.

“Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of yearning”, remarked the celebrated Renaissance painter, Giotto di Bondone.

It’s in Rome that masters like Michelangelo and Raphael worked and lived, it’s in Rome that they rest in peace, and through their masterpieces they continuously motivate generations of artists and art lovers.

Though we are long past the Renaissance, the Eternal City is regarded as the epitome of art and culture even today. In fact, the city still conducts a vast variety of art classes and workshops that you can find yourself in to rekindle the artist in you.

Here we list a handful of painting classes that would make for an exceptional experience the next time you visit Rome.

Enroll at the Paint n’ Sip in Rome

Rome is a paradise for food and wine lovers as it is a heaven for artists. And if you love both, then Paint n’ Sip is your place.

Situated in a 17th-century palace, you can enroll in this program to enjoy delectable Italian wines along with some snacks while painting your very own masterpiece to bring home as a souvenir. This would undoubtedly prove to be a wonderful pastime for professional artists and beginners alike.

Opt for the Ancient Fresco Mosaic Art Workshop

Exploring the fantastic frescoes that Rome abounds in, you might feel that you have it in yourself to get creative. Why not try your hand at it with the Ancient Fresco Mosaic Art Workshop?

In case you want to recreate a piece from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel or work on a detail from a Roman floor, you can do so under the guidance of Italian artists. This workshop is conducted on a range of locations right in the city centre; choose the location most convenient for you.

Walk and Sketch Around the City

If you are new to Rome it is always suggested to take a walk around the city and soak in its charms. But what if you could sketch the ruins of the Eternal city in your sketchbook while you discover the nooks and cranies of the city? This is precisely what this walking tour offers to all the tourists! Therefore, don’t forget to opt for the painting classes in Rome along with the compelling Vatican & Colosseum Tour and Tours of the Roman Forum in your next visit, to add to a unique and enriching experience to your Vatican Tour.