5 Things to Know Before Visiting Rome

5 Things to Know Before Visiting Rome

Planning a quick Roman sojourn? Fret not; filled with interesting anecdotes, riveting legends and artistic prowess, Rome can prove an experience of a lifetime. However, there are certain things to keep in mind so that you don’t end up turning a fantastic trip into a nightmare. Ahead, we’ve highlighted a few nifty tips and suggestions that may come in handy on your trip to Rome:

Don’t Make Smartphones Your Guide (Not Always)!

Although easy-to-use maps on smartphones have become our trusted companions, there’s nothing like going astray and discovering offbeat sites and unexplored corners. Look up and soak in the new vistas that Rome offers. The magnificent city has countless narrow alleyways and secluded quarters. Not all of them are registered on Google Maps.

Be Careful with ‘Special Menu’

With a broad array of cheesy delights, pastries and countless traditional local delicacies, Rome is a gastronomic paradise. There is something for everyone. However, while dining out, make sure you check out the prices on the menu, particularly of special dishes. Generally, anything listed as ‘special’ on the menu turns out to be insanely expensive; something to keep in mind. Also, stay away from touristy restaurants and bars; for a simple dinner, they may charge an exorbitant amount.

Pack Light

This rule applies to all for almost any trip. The goal is always to pack light and lug less, especially when you are travelling to Rome. The streets here are extremely narrow and historic. You will find restoration work going on along major walkways and piazzas. Packing lighter will be beneficial for the ancient city as well as for you… because carrying a 20 kg luggage up the Spanish Steps is no small feat!

Book Your Tickets In Advance!

Who doesn’t want a relaxed, organized holiday? Everyone does! The secret to a stress-free trip is prior planning. We recommend making hotel reservations and booking the best family tours in Rome as early as possible. This could be even weeks in advance! Although many visitors think they can purchase tickets last minute and skip the meandering queues outside popular attractions, this hardly works. Plus, planning everything ahead of time helps you save money and have a more decent experience. You can even enjoy a lavish meal at one of Rome’s finest restaurants with your savings!

Carry Cash

Of course, the Eternal City has countless ATMs and card machines but it is always suggested to carry some cash in case of emergencies. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

You can keep this cash amount for safety purposes, and if not used, deposit it back to your account. Furthermore, traditional eateries and stalls in and around Rome may not have card machines. Hence, if you don’t want to miss an authentic experience, have some cash in your pockets. The same rule applies if you are travelling to quaint little Italian towns and villages. For more, drop by our official website of Vatican Tours.