Rome in November: Events, Festivals and More

Rome in November: Events, Festivals and More

November is a fantastic time to visit Rome. The temperature drops a little, the colours pop out in the countryside and the fresh and healthy agricultural produce hit the markets. Best of all, an array of exciting events surround the city. Some of them are highlighted below:

All Saints Day

Observed on November 1, ‘All Saints Day’, also known as Tutti i Santi or la Festa di Ognissanti is a national Catholic holiday. Traditionally, it’s marked as a feast day. Italians celebrate this day to honour all the Christian saints. Many of them visit their families and together they celebrate the memory of departed relatives and friends. Some families even exchange gifts or prepare a grand feast.

On the next day, i.e. November 2, we’ve ‘All Souls Day’. In Rome, this is a very special occasion, when people remember their ancestors and visit cemeteries, where they place candles and flowers on their tombstones. They may even share a meal with their beloved deceased.

Note: Roman catacombs, graveyards and underground tunnels witness an influx of visitors on and around November 2. Most of the inhabitants of ancient Rome were entombed there. So, plan your day accordingly.

Roma Jazz Festival

Helmed by the International Music Festival Foundation (IMF), Roma Jazz Festival is a series of jazz concerts that takes place throughout Rome every year usually in the beginning of November. It’s a week-long affair held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, Casa del Jazz and Alcatraz Live.

This year, the theme of the 43rd rendition of the festival is ‘No Borders’, inspired by relocation, migration and integration. The line-up of artists is pretty amazing. The list includes Gabrielle Coen, Cory Wong, Archie Shepp, Donny McCaslin, Moonlight Benjamin, Antonio Sánchez, Carmen Souza and Ralph Towner. For more updates, visit their official website.

Roma Europa Festival

Throughout November, the Roma Europa Festival presents a variety of cultural events across Rome. It hosts performing artists and musicians at numerous city theatres and auditoriums. The expansive program includes creative dance performances, contemporary music concerts, films and even a parade.

There may be some shows that are free for everyone; otherwise, an average ticket cost may vary between €15 and €40 per person.

Feast of Saint Cecilia

On November 22, Romans commemorate their local saint, Cecilia. She is also the patron saint of musicians. There are several ways to honour her but the celebration at the Santa Cecilia church in Trastevere district on her feast day is one-of-a-kind. The gorgeous 9th Century church is believed to have been constructed on the original site of the residence of Saint Cecilia. She was a well-to-do woman who lived during the 3rd century.

Today, the church in Trastevere contains a magnificent fresco by Cavallini and an awe-inspiring statue of Cecelia by Stefano Maderno. A visit to the church is highly recommended.

Alternatively, you can also make your way down to the Catacombs of San Callisto, the place where St. Cecilia was ultimately buried.

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