Romance in Rome: 4 Date Ideas to Try with Your Special Someone

There’s no city in the world that evokes love and passion better than Rome. Romance runs through the city’s DNA: its picturesque piazzas, spectacular skyline, charming neighbourhoods and lustrous fountains set the most stunning backdrop for intimate rendezvous. Beauty, flair and style furnish every corner of the Eternal City, offering lovebirds ample options to explore, beyond the clichéd candlelit dinners. Below we share a quick rundown of our 4 favourite date ideas: try them while in Rome and thank us later!

Enjoy Panoramic Sunset Views!

The way you look at your loved one conveys the depth of your emotions, but don’t make it an excuse to miss out some of the most idyllic sunsets of your life! Italian sunsets are breathtakingly beautiful; they are best savoured from one of Rome’s Seven Hills.

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After completing tours of the Colosseum, head to the Aventine Hill; it lifts you up from the city’s chaos and offers some of the most swoon-worthy sunset views. Take a languid walk hand-in-hand across the Orange Garden and Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, and appreciate the dwindling splendour of an erstwhile era. The highlight is, however, the Aventine Keyhole: the miniature view of St. Peter’s is absolutely surreal from the keyhole.

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Find Love in Hidden Corners!

Is there anything more romantic than wandering down a quaint alley and getting lost in medieval artsy charms?! Rome is a fascinating medley of ancient burnt-sienna buildings, flourishing plazas and Baroque churches.

If you want to experience the pinnacle of romance, check out the Arco degli Acetari. Tucked away from the prying touristy eyes, Arco degli Acetari is one of the lesser-known treasures in Rome and an absolute delight! The crumbling arch that seems to be perpetually under-construction and the whimsical square that is flanked by serene, ancient houses lends an otherworldly character to the place. No wonder, you feel like light years away from the bustling metropolis that is Rome today!

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Bask In Nature’s Abundance!

When it comes to exotic nature escapes, Rome boasts an array of flowery parks, gorgeous gardens and sprawling rooftops. Our favourite is the Giardino del Lago, Villa Borghese. Bathed in riveting splendour, it is a small, scenic lake seated in the middle of the expansive Villa Borghese – dating back to the late 18th century. It’s a popular leafy retreat for locals and tourists alike.

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The key highlight, apart from the tranquil atmosphere, is the Tempietto di Esculapio, a 17th-century Greek temple soaring from the lake’s artificial isle. Stroll alongside the centuries-old cedars, pines, oaks and cypresses of Viale dell’Aranciera or hire a rowing boat and take a sensational twirl around the pristine lake’s waters – either way, you can’t help but fall in love with this place!

Romance under the Stars!

If it’s summer and you are in Rome with your significant other, you have to flock to the Tiber Island. The island hosts a lovely open-air cinema; who wouldn’t love a movie date under the stars? Isola del Cinema Film Festival is held each year during the summer months on the Tiber Island and it screens some of the best Italian and International movies of the season.

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On That Note

Rome is, undeniably, the most sensual city in the world. It radiates a sense of heart-singing pleasure and wellbeing – true to its dolce vita essence. To best explore Rome, book La Dolce Vita private tour – combining layers of history with fascinating facts, our expert tour guides breathe life into the art and architecture of the city while letting you absorb every ounce of information at your own pace. Our skip-the-line feature is an added advantage.