Two cones of gelato infront of the Trevi Fountain

Learn to Make The Perfect Gelato in Rome

Rome is a city of many joys which appeal to the senses. No matter how excited you are to visit the iconic monuments Rome is so famous for, and touring the Vatican with Maximus Tours, you should also be tempted by the prospect of gorging on nothing but pure Italian bliss in the form of pasta, pizzas and of course the famous gelato.

Better yet, why not learn to make some of these foods for yourself, like Gelato! This way, when you go home you take back more than just memories and souvenirs. Putting a gelato making class in your itinerary will definitely add flavour to your experience of Rome.

Many visitors opt for food tours of Rome to master and or learn Italian cooking skills. But gelato making is in a class of its own so naturally, you will need a gelato making class if this is a skill you wish to bring home. These classes are a great group and family activity so don’t be afraid to come with the kids. So, let us guide you through some of the popular options where you can learn to make your own scoops.

Italian cooking classes in Rome

This place is situated close to the Trevi fountain and offers gelato making class along with many other culinary lessons. You can learn to make the gelato from scratch, you will enjoy a good meal and wine while learning the steps of making gelato. The specialty of them is that they teach you to make homemade gelato which you can easily make in-home and no artificial flavor is used in the process. You will be provided with the tools you need and your chef will guide you throughout the lesson and could also provide some cool tips. On request, they can also provide gluten-free options to you.

Rome Cooking Workshops

Another great place to create that perfect scoop of gelato, the chefs here are passionate about imparting their knowledge about Italian cooking. The duration of the lesson is around 1 hour and a half, you will be provided with all the necessary ingredients and the ‘gelato master’ will guide you through the very craft of gelato making. Once you are through the process you can savor the gelato. The classes can be available all around the week, make a request beforehand.


On your way to the Pantheon, you could stop by Giolitti and refresh your mood at this old gelato shop and take part in a gelato-making session and learn from a master of gelato. You will be given the guidance you require in this class which lasts around 2 hours. You will be taken through each step of the process, choose the flavor/s you prefer and make your gelato accordingly. But, the real fun part of the whole experience is you can sell the gelato you prepare to customers! Now, this is a tempting package that you can hardly afford to miss out on.

InRome Cooking

Get ready for a heavenly experience at one of the premier cooking schools in Roma. Here you can dream to master the gelato-making skills in just 2 hours. Since this is a family-friendly session you must bring  your kids along, and have fun picking the favors from juicy fruits to dark chocolate, it’s your call. If you would prefer a private lesson, you would be glad to know that private classes are available on request. Learn the steps using a machine if you prefer or, opt for the simple handmade ones. It would be an experience you would never forget.

Gelato making is not only delicious, but fun for the whole family and we would say even one of the best family tours in Rome. Make the most of the time you spend in Roma and bring back a scoop of gelato home with you.