Vegan dessert at a restaurant in Rome

A Vegan in Rome: Exploring the Best Vegan Restaurants in the Eternal City

The eternal city celebrates aesthetics, culture, food, fashion, and life in a way that people keep falling in love with it over and over again. Roma has every culinary trick up its sleeve to satiate even the pickiest food connoisseur.

The beautiful streets in Rome not only lead you to the iconic sites that adorn the cityscape, but also towards foodie hotspots that serve mouth-watering Italian cuisine. The city has something for everyone and you will be surprised to know that also vegans can have a gala time here as Rome boasts great restaurants that cater to the vegan diet.

Rome is Vegan Friendly

Being vegan in a world that is predominantly carnivorous can be a challenge, especially when you go on a trip. Finding a good restaurant that serves good food is a challenge in itself,  and not many places can claim to bother about vegan food choices.

However, Rome is not going to disappoint you, the number of vegans here is also on the rise and thereby many restaurants are opening up solely for the vegans and even big restaurants are tweaking menus to entertain vegans.

So, once you’ve finished visiting the Vatican with Maximus Tours, you can check out the vegan restaurants Rome is proud of.

Tips: One little tip here for you before we begin, many authentic Italian side dishes are vegetable and plant-based which is why you can also opt for regular restaurants. However it is best to tell the waiting staff once you sit down that you are a vegan (‘sono vegano’ in Italian) so that everyone is well informed.

Best vegan restaurants in Rome

Rifugio Romano

A place full of vegan delights and once you are here you will be spoilt for choice. The place is open all week except for Mondays. In this cozy restaurant, you also get outdoor eating options and all the dishes are budget-friendly. Vegan Carbonara is one of the most popular dishes they serve here. But, what makes this place special is the fact that you can sample Italian delicacies in their vegan avatar. So get ready for vegan Lasagna, vegan Diavola pizza, and sink your tooth in vegan Tiramisu.

Romeow Cat Bistro

This cute little place is not only vegan friendly but, it is also cat friendly. Cat lovers would just go nuts with joy here as cutest cats keep you company as you eat your way through delicious vegan meals. You would be treated with delicacies like Potato and zucchini pie with a creamy heart and purple cabbage.  They also have raw food option available here so take your pick and do not forget to check out their smoothies.

Il GecoBiondo

Another true blue vegan place to eat your heart out and since this place is a Trattoria you can go there every day to discover some new vegan delicacy. It is, however, closed on Mondays, but available through the rest of the week. It is a pretty popular place to enjoy the vegan version of popular dishes. From the alcohol to all the ingredients here are organic and locally produced and they offer really healthy options.

La Capra Campa

Another great place for vegan foodies which was initially a vegetarian place but it changed its course and turned vegan. You can opt for traditional items here but, they are quite popular for serving innovative vegan delights, so, do try that. You also have the raw option available here. One of their unique dishes to try out would be Zucchini raw pasta.

Passione Vegan

It stands out from the previous ones mentioned here as this is a vegan buffet. You can get delicious pasta dishes, along with Seitan and yes, every single dish is healthy and 100% vegan.  It is one of those places with the option all you can eat so, definitely a great place to have lunch or dinner. Also do not forget to check out the desserts this place has to offer.

Those were some amazing vegan places that you could try in Roma after your Rome evening tour.

Here are another few places in case you are looking for something new.

Ecru: Have you ever tried veggie sushi? You should and this is an amazing place to sample not just veggie sushi, but, vegan cheese, nut milks, raw noodles as well.

Uovo à pois: Italian cuisine is also renowned for its desserts, and being a vegan you have to follow certain restrictions regarding ingredients. But, here you can enjoy all Italian desserts as these are free from dairy products. Mostly vegan items are available but, do check that you are ordering vegan, because other options are also served.

Wani Vegan Bakery: This is the place to have vegan pastries and croissants, they also serve tarts and pizzas.

Flower Burger: Vegans also crave for fast food items don’t they? So, yes this is the place to have some of the most unusual burgers. One more thing, the burger buns come in different colors. There are more options available in the eternal city to satiate the vegan appetite ready to be explored. Come down here for a memorable trip that is full of bliss, good food, and great memories all the ingredients needed for having the best family tours in Rome.