A Sardinian Summer: Go Down the Beach Way from Rome

The very thought of Rome makes us overcome with the images of the Colosseum, Tours of the Roman ForumVatican Cityenchanting piazzas and the pleasant fountains. However, the meandering long queues and the insane rush may drive you mad. It is no wonder you will soon seek some solace away from the hustle and bustle of Rome.

Moreover, if it is the Italian summers that you are braving, when it gets inexplicably hot, you cannot help but head to the beaches.

Basking in the Sardinian Summer

Though you would fall in love with any beach you head to, roasted and weary, the island of Sardinia and its coastline is enticing in its own way. Here are the facts that distinguish Sardinia from any other beaches in Italy.

Live to be 100 years old!

If you are still in a shock with what you have read just now, then don’t be. Yes, it is not rare for the people living in the Sardinian villages to live up to 100 years. Thus, it is rightly called the “blue zone” of Europe. In fact, Sardinia is one of the first among the identified blue zones.

Though this might be a mystery for the mainland people once you stay here you will hardly feel the need to travel anywhere else. With a morning sip of the Italian espresso, the lavish lunch with the local wine and lounging beneath the Mediterranean sun, what else would you want?

Relieve your Stress and Rejuvenate

Will you worry about your house rent and taxes while you’re on a boat, sailing blissfully away from the coast?

No, not really… You would rather be content in the lap of nature!

This is just another reason for the long average life span of the natives here.Thus, a visit to the Sardinian island will certainly fill your pool of vitality to carry on for months on end.

Gorge on the Delicacies

Besides the charm of the place, the food you will get here is fresh and organic with drizzles of olive oil.

Pane Carasau is the traditional Sardinian flatbread you must try. Also known as “piano paper” because of its thin crust, it is ideal for wiping the sauce off your plate of Italian rigatoni.

The farm-fresh foods and the matchless wines produced by the local vineyards, Sardinia can promise you a wholesome experience.

The Unreal Spas

In addition to the filling foods and nature tours, you can also enjoy some soothing spas to revitalize yourself at the end of your travel. Most of these spas are equipped with a collection of pools set at different temperatures and varied water jets to soothe your muscles.

“Thalassotherapy” or the saltwater therapy is quite famous here and often engages quite a few tourists.

If this article hasn’t convinced you already, better check with the best family tours in Rome yourself to soak in the bliss!