5 desserts at a restaurant in Rome

5 Must-Have Desserts in Rome You Need To Savor

Rome is a city full of delights, be it the head turning monuments and sculptures, the scenic views, or, the vibrant city life. But Rome, like most of Italy is also the place to enjoy amazing Italian cuisine, some of which are desserts which can melt- in- your- mouth and stay -in-your -heart -forever. Many associate Italian desserts with Gelato and Tiramisu, but Rome will surprise you with more sweet treats. After all when it comes to desserts the more the merrier, so find out what desserts you should try in between your tours of Rome with Maximus Tours.

So , let’s dig in!

Frappe (aka Chiacchera)

First of all, don’t get this dessert confused with Frappè; the generally milk-based shake. The Frappe which we would like to talk about is a light-hearted dessert that makes you smile with delight. The beauty of frappe is that even though it has been lightly fried, it is still very light and crumbly. Its ingredients are simple; combine egg, flour, butter and sugar, to create a dough which is then thinly rolled out and cut into small strips. The strips are then usually gently fried in vegetable oil where they will puff up into finger sized dream boats. The final step is to top them with a light layer of confectioners sugar. A special thing about Frappe is, it is one of the main street food treats during Carnival (Carnevale in Italian) celebrations in Italy. This dessert is perfect when enjoying the carnival street and piazza festivities as they are clean and easy to eat at any time.

Frappe also has ancient roots as it is said that its origins date back to the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia which celebrated the god Saturn. This dish is largely seasonal so if you visit in January or February keep your eyes out for them. Frappe is made all over Italy and may even go by different names according to the region. Although not as typical, you can even find baked frappe so choose wisely.

Tartufo Gelato

Again, not to be confused with the other Italian delicacy, tartufo (truffle). Tartufo Gelato is a frozen Italian delight which will send you to cloud nine. Although you can find it all over Italy, this dessert originates from Calabria. It is usually served as a frozen ball (or half ball) on a plate and is topped with a light layer of cacao powder. Tartufo is generally made by combining two or more different types of gelato to form a sphere, or dome, and may often have a fruit syrup filling. As you navigate your way around the many restaurants of Rome, you must keep your eyes out for this exquisite frozen delight. The dessert when presented can remind you of the truffle mushroom so perhaps that’s where it got its name. It is said that it was originally prepared in the honor of a king and has taken on the name ‘king of gelato’.

Torta Caprese

Torta simply translates to cake, however this is not just any cake. Torta Caprese is a delectable made mainly of chocolate and almonds. Coming from the island of Capri, it quickly made its way to the mainland in Naples where it became one of the favorites desserts of the region. If you are wondering what dessert Napolitans often have in their homes, then this is your answer. You can also find it all along the Amalfi Coast at cafes and restaurants so make sure it’s on your list of things to eat. A great thing about this dessert is that it is also gluten free. How could such an amazing dessert be gluten free? Well, as they say, great things can come from misteaks. Chef Carmine Di Fio re in the 1920’s had mistakenly forgotten to add flour to the batter. You can order the cake post your big meal or, could have it with tea. Usually a yummy scoop of vanilla ice-cream accompanies this dessert.

Crostata ricotta e visciole

Crostata ricotta e visciole is a ricotta cheese and sour cherry tart and it is a very traditional Roman-Jewish that dates back to the eighteenth century. This receipt is so simple and delicious that the recipe has frozen in time and can now be enjoyed just as it was intended. When visiting Rome you should definitely check out the Jewish Ghetto, a beautiful mainly pedestrian area full of restaurants, bars and Ancient history. Although you can find this care all throughout Rome, the best area would be the Jewish Ghetto. Sink your teeth into the incredibly tasty pastry tart that has sour wild cherry jam and ricotta cheese at its center. The contrasting flavors of the sweet ricotta cheese and the sour cherries are too tempting to resist.

Babà al Rum

When it comes to cooking, you will most always hear an Italian saying, ‘Italians do it better.’ However when looking at many of the most popular dishes, Napolitans do it best! Babà al Rum is another dessert that comes from Naples. Imagine a sponge cake, in the shape and size of a champagne cork, bathing in a sweet bath of rum. The classic sponge cake was too dry and unpalatable for one pastry chef, so he decided to cover it in sweet syrup of rum making it much softer and juicier, which allows it to melt in your mouth. If rum is not your thing, you can also find this cake in a bath of Limoncello, or perhaps whipped cream and fresh fruits. This delightfully soft cake will transport you to a whole new plain. Although it has Neapolitan origins it can be found in many parts of Italy as it is loved by all for being so delicate. Enjoy pure heaven in Rome.

Get ready to sample the heavenly desserts while exploring the beautiful streets and restaurants of Rome.  In between your visits to the many famous monuments make sure you keep your eyes and mouths open for some of our picks above to make sure that you get the full Italian experience.