4 Most Popular Delis in Rome

4 Most Popular Delis in Rome

Rome’s delis, salumerie and alimentari are treasure troves of gastronomic delights. From cured meats to dried pastas to aged cheeses, you will get a variety of tasty specialties served here; they set Italy apart while advocating its rich regional culture and time-honoured traditions. They even let you drink and eat on their premises. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the 4 most popular delis in Rome (according to Vatican Tours):

Franchi Gastronomia

Location – Via Cola di Rienzo, Prati District

A local’s favourite, Franchi boasts an array of cooked ham, prosciutto, smoked fish, salami and cheese – sourced from various parts of Italy and Europe. Their fresh burrata cheese comes from Puglia. Expensive delights like caviar and truffles are displayed besides endless trays of stuffed pasta. The shelves are replete with rice, oil, dry pasta and wine.

The deli also houses a posh tavolacalda (cafeteria) inside; it hassome of the finest fried goodies (mostly supplì) and daily prepared dishes, such as prawns, salmon and roast beef. Grab a quick lunch or enjoy an aperitivo with your friends in the evening. Seating option is available.

Antico Forno Roscioli

Location – Via dei Giubbonari, near Campo de’ Fiori

Roscioli is a popular name in every Roman household.Besides being a grocery shop selling exceptional salumi and cheese, Roscioliis one of the finest lunch spots in Rome. Intimate and charming, the place takes the modern Italian dining to the next level. The menu is fresh and inspiring. Try their swordfish carpaccio and king prawns prepared with burrata cheese and mullet eggs; they taste incredibly good.

If you are looking for a quintessential Roman deli, this is the place to be! For four generations, the Roscioli family has worked tirelessly in the hospitality industry. Today, two brothers, Alessandro and Pierluigi run the place – anticipating and keeping pace with the changing gastronomic landscape.

Salumeria Volpetti

Location – Via Marmorata, Testaccio

For authentic flavours, head to Volpetti, a cute, rustic gourmet food store; a walk into the shop is an experience in itself. The aromas hit your olfactory lobes while the eyes feast on the heaps of culinary delights.

Opened 40 years ago by two brothers, Emilio and Claudio Volpetti, the shop has an impressive selection of cheese, wines, cured meats, olive oils, balsamic vinegars and baked goods. You will find enticing bowls of mozzarella di bufalaand an array of gleaming pink prosciutto di Pragadisplayed on the counters – everything is a testimony of gourmet extravagance. Thus, for tourists, it’s the perfect place to buy souvenirs for their loved ones back home in the form of vacuum-packed cheese, dried pasta, dried mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil and unique conserves.

Antica Caciara Trasteverina

Location: Via di San Francesco a Ripa, Trastevere

Are you a cheese aficionado? Then make your way down to Antica Caciara Trasteverina. This family-run cheese shop is a gastronomic paradise specialized in a variety of cheeses, including gooey Burrata Pugliese and super fine Pecorino di Fossa.

You will also find an endless stock of salamis, cured meats, wines and olive oil stacked on the shelves. However, don’t forget to savour their succulent ricotta infornataor dig into the garlands of guanciale.