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4 Most Instagram-worthy Places in Rome

Exploring Rome is a feast for the senses. Crumbling ruins, incredible architecture, glorious artworks, charming cobblestone alleys, gleaming vintage shops and burnt sienna buildings draped with climbing ivy – a walk through the Eternal City is straight out of dreams.

No wonder, Rome is a photographer’s delight. With oodles of history, art and architecture at every corner, the city is blatantly #instagrammable: climb any of its seven hills, take snaps in front of a monument or simply sneak down a pretty street lined with orange patina walls, the photographic opportunities is seemingly endless in our bella Roma. No matter, where you go, you will always find something to post on the Instagram feed and step up your Social Media game.

Below, we’ve rounded up 4 of the most Instagram-worthy sites in Rome, where you can pose and click great pictures and flaunt your freshly acquired #dolcevita lifestyle…

For impressive views of the Colosseum, head over to Via Nicola Salvi.

Spectacular inside and out, the Colosseum is the pride of Rome. The grand arched openings and the polished travertine curves still looks so unabashedly timeless!

Make your way up to the Via Nicola Salvi and capture the sheer allure and grandeur of the monument. The elevated pathway on the East of the Colosseum is supposedly one of the finest spots to click unobstructed Instagram photos – yes, this place sees fewer numbers of tourists comparatively. So, click away and claim instant Instagram glory!

Trastevere, a picturesque warren of uneven cobblestone streets, ivy-covered archways, ochre-hued buildings and kitschy cafes and bars is 100% insta-worthy!

Needless to say, Trastevere is one of the most evocative medieval Roman neighbourhoods and decidedly calm and endearing. A certain magic is palpable in its air. A leisurely stroll is highly recommended, especially early in the morning or after the sun sets – that’s when Trastevere comes alive.

Its quaint alleyways, flower-decked balconies, colourful facades, ubiquitous graffiti are super Instagrammable. It’s actually impossible to take a bad photo here.

For postcard-perfect photo-ops, head over to Via dell’Arco di San Callisto, Vicolo Della Torre and Via della Lungaretta.

The Trevi Fountain, glistening under the morning sunshine is hands-down a sight to behold!

Thanks to the luxury brand Fendi, after an extensive 17-month long restoration, the exemplary Trevi Fountain is once again gracing its erstwhile splendour. The sublime blend of gushing emerald waters and neatly carved white stone attracts legions of tourists worldwide – meaning, you will find a ceaseless throng of people obstructing the pristine view of the fountain any time, any day.

The key is to wake up early and visit the fountain before sunrise, mostly between 6-7 AM. This is the only time when you can have the place all to yourself. So, snap as many pictures as you want and come back later in the day for enriching tours of the Trevi Fountain, after all soaking in the history also matters!

The Eternal City looks even more magical from up above…

Are you looking for a perfect Instagram setting to fire up your feed? Visit one of the Rome’s most famous rooftop bars and terraces: they offer a heart-stopping panorama of the city as far as the eyes can see.

Speaking of which, we have to mention the incredible bird’s eye view from the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. It looks out over the historic St. Peter’s square stretching along the straight avenue encompassing the entire north of Rome.

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