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  • 14.08.09
    joanne was a great tour guide!! she was very knowledgeable and very nice! the vatican tour for us was by far the best tour we had in rome!!i highly recommend maximus tours!
  • 13.08.09
    Our family of four, 2 adults and two children ages 11 and 12 took two very different but impressive tours.
    Joanne was our guide for the Vatican tour and we thoroughly enjoyed our time together. She was very comfortable with the history, was efficient and took the time to connect and answer questions from our group.
    We toured the next day with Anton for the Ancient Rome tour. We had a lovely time and I have never seen a tour guide so passionate and knowledgeable! He also spent considerable time addressing the questions our precocious 11 year old son kept throwing at him! What a lovely man!
    We highly recommend this made our time in Rome all them more memorable. It was so hot and the thought of wandering around this huge and majestic city trying to learn the history ourselves was just too daunting!
    Maximus Tours filled in the blanks and made us comfortable wandering around to discover the rest of the story...thanks so much!
    Also, it must be said that we slept in due to jet lag and missed our scheduled Vatican Tour. Maximus Tours immediately rescheduled us for the next day and we were extremely relieved! No extra cost, no extra headache!
    Thank you so much Maximus Tours!
  • 13.08.09
    Tour guide was excellent - and we enjoyed what we saw.
    However, any tour of the Vatican Museums that leaves out the Raphael Rooms is seriously flawed. We were very disappointed to have missed out on some of Raphaels greatest works

    RE: Dear Andrew,

    Thank you for your feedback, we're glad you enjoyed the tour.

    However regarding the Raphael Rooms, this was always something that was included on our tour but currently there is a lot of restoration work being carried out in this area, what was previously a 20 minute detour has now become a 40 minute detour if busy and touring time becomes almost 4 hours as we also have to include the collection of modern religious art to reach the Sistine Chapel.

    Because of the heat and the crowds we have found that this is perhaps too much for some people especially children and we have left it the guide's judgement as to whether the group as a whole would be capable of the extra walking and tour time.

    Perhaps this should have been explained more clearly by the guide.

    We appreciate that this is something that some people do want to see and we shall perhaps look at noting the extended touring time on our website as again it is not possible when the museums are busy to keep the tour within 3hrs if covering this area.

    Kind Regards

    Andrew Scott
  • 13.08.09
    Tour guide was excellent - and we enjoyed what we saw. However, any tour of the Vatican museums that leaves out the Raphael Rooms is seriously flawed. We were VERY disappointed to have missed out on some of Raphael's greatest works.
    Andrew Scott (England)
  • 12.08.09
    We had an excellent guide, small group and were able to see the highlights wihtin a reasonable amount of tim
    Shelley Klein
  • 30.07.09
    Just back from a trip to Rome, highlight of which was our Vatican tour booked with your company on the internet before we travelled. Have done two previous tours (with other companies) but there was no comparison. Our guide (Anton) was excellent -informative, educational but certainly not boring and very attentive to his group, thank you!
    Catherine Roddie (U.K)
  • 26.07.09
    Absolutely fabulous tour of the Vatican museums, Sistine chapel and St Peters Basilica etc, very informative guide, American chap, sorry can't remember his name who made the experience very informative but fun - would recommend to anyone - just remembered, think the guides name was Michael??
    Amanda Broome
  • 26.07.09
    joanne our tour guide was 1st class
    she certainly knew her stuff,delivering the information in a concise and passionate manner.
    i would recommend this tour
  • 20.07.09
    Booked this tour coz I wanted to avoid ticket queues and was the cheapest I could find.
    It's one of the best tours I've ever taken thanks mainly to the tour guide who was informative (without being overbearing or scholarly), and friendly.
    Excellent hearing sets meant the size of the tour group was never a problem, and the range on the sets allowed me to roam like I was on my own. Plenty of time to see everything - never felt rushed.
    BebekLondon (London)
  • 12.07.09
    Our tour guide, Kelsey, was very knowledgable and enthusiastic about the Vatican. She was an American who had been living in Rome for the past 10 years. I can't emphasize how important this was to us. We had just been on a very expensive tour of Pompai the day before with Appian tours and the tour and the guide were HORRIBLE. Appian Line tours are very big in Rome. Avoid them like the plague. Stick with Maximus Tours - they are excellent.
    victoria igoe (wheaton illinois)


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